Britive: The First to Climb the Multi-Cloud PAM Maturity Curve

Multi-Cloud PAM Enterprises increasingly rely on more than one cloud service provider (CSP) to accomplish business objectives. Every cloud environment has unique functionality, pricing, and policy models with different integration and support capabilities and constantly evolving features. Using a multi-cloud environment removes the need to compromise or limit your choices. It also mitigates certain security … Read more

Britive Announces New Key Hires to Accelerate Growth

Britive, a pioneering multi-cloud privilege management platform, today announced the addition of four industry veterans to advance the company’s standing as the premier security solution for cloud-forward enterprises. Daniel Pagel, former CRO at NetMotion, has joined Britive as VP Sales to scale Britive’s exceptional GTM team. Shirien Elamawy, a marketing professional with over 12 years … Read more

Gartner Reports on the Need to Adopt CIEM and Improved Secrets Security Cross-Cloud

Two new reports from Gartner highlight the need for organizations to adopt Cloud Infrastructure Entitlements Management (CIEM) and improve the protection of keys and secrets related to managing the digital identities for a growing number of devices and workloads. The first report, titled, “Emerging Technologies and Trends Impact Radar: Security,” tracks the technologies driving innovation … Read more

How Multi-Profile Checkouts Empower Users and Enforce Security

Multi-Profile Checkout for AWS, Azure, GCP, & OCI We’re pleased to announce an exciting new feature to Britive’s Multi-Cloud Privilege Management Platform: multi-profile checkouts for Just-In-Time (JIT) access. Multi-profile checkouts allow users to access more than one profile concurrently to get their jobs done faster. Why We Did It A Britive customer came to us … Read more

Crisis Management: How Organizations Can Improve Responses and Outcomes

Understanding Crisis Management An organization’s ability to understand, strategize, and respond to a crisis is critical. After all, this is the moment when a team’s strengths and weaknesses are laid bare. If employees lack the skills needed to resolve the crisis, the situation will likely worsen. If the team does not have a remediation plan, … Read more