How to Offboard Cloud Users Securely

This article originally appeared in Security Boulevard. Offboard Cloud Users Securely One of the most fundamental challenges of securing the identity-defined perimeter is efficiently managing and securing the cloud identity life cycle. This priority comes into sharpest focus with offboarding users—or, more accurately, the failure of so many organizations to revoke standing access privileges to … Read more

Cyber Burnout: How to Build Cybersecurity Teams that Are Focused, Optimistic, and Satisfied

The following article originally appeared in eWeek. Cyber Burnout Cloud security professionals are already in short supply. Combine that with alert fatigue, a surge in demand, and the “always-on” nature of the modern workplace, and it is clear why employee burnout is increasing. In 2019, Gartner projected that the cloud market would grow to $355B … Read more

The 4 Essentials for Effective Cloud Secrets Governance

cloud access and secrets governance

Discovering the essentials for effective cloud secrets governance eludes many of today’s enterprises. Toward More Effective Cloud Secrets Governance Going back many years in the IT universe, some form of privileged credential has been required to access business applications, file shares, data stores and other digital assets. Most typically these privileged credentials were a login … Read more

How Zero Trust Protects the Keys to the Kingdom

The following article originally appeared in Dark Reading. Applying Zero Trust in Cloud Zero trust came about as an evolution of a concept called de-perimeterization, or security beyond the firewall, which the Jericho Forum pioneered. John Kindervag, an analyst at Forrester Research, developed the concept further. Kindervag understood that security extended beyond the edge of … Read more