Minimize Your Blast Radius by Decoupling Cloud Permissions

Elevate Cloud Permissions Management Many customers have been asking Britive to help eliminate the standing (24x7x365) “SuperAdmin” privileges from critical cloud platforms like Okta, Salesforce, Snowflake, and Workday. Why? Because in the cloud, bad actors actively target standing privileges to gain access to an organization’s environment. Most organizations know that standing privileges increase your attack … Read more

How Claims of an Okta Hack Validate the Need To Separate Authentication and Authorization

Understanding the Okta Breach If there is one thing to come out of the accusation of an Okta hack, it’s the importance of properly managing account privileges. Keep reading to understand what’s happening, and how bifurcating the authorization and authentication process helps cloud apps and environments stay secure. In this post: What you need to … Read more

Britive Overview Video

Britive-Website Design 2020_V3_Security Image

Made for the cloud, Britive requires no agents or proxies, and features built-in integrations with the most popular IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, and DaaS services. A major drawback to conventional privileging and permissioning solutions is that, because they were designed run within on-premises data centers, they require dedicated IT security expertise to deploy and manage. In … Read more

How Secrets Governance Helps You Accelerate Cloud App Development

Just-In-Time Secrets can be granted and revoked on the fly, which is ideal when DevSecOps need to spin up temporary services Cloud Secrets Manager The Cloud Secrets Manager enhances Britive’s dynamic permissioning offering by providing the capability to manage secrets (e.g., API keys, tokens, SSH certificates, and passwords) accessible by users, APIs, and machine identities. … Read more