Britive, a cloud privileged access governance security solution company, today announced a strategic partnership with Tevora, a specialized management consultancy focused on cybersecurity, risk and compliance services.

Identity and access management at a scale is extremely complex in the cloud. Traditional tools were not designed for today’s evolving cloud environment and are falling short of protecting enterprises from costly and disruptive data breaches. Britive has redefined the approach to Privileged Access Management (PAM) by enabling a true Zero-Trust and Just-in-Time (JIT) model for all cloud privileged users. By combining Britive’s dynamic and intelligent privileged access platform and Tevora’s expertise in cybersecurity, risk and compliance, our teams and technologies are uniquely positioned to provide a comprehensive security solution for the cloud.  

Thousands of organizations have transitioned their IT infrastructure and application development to public cloud platforms to deliver services and value to their customers faster than ever before. However, all too often, fast-moving agile DevOps teams run ahead of security and cause a major risk to the businessYet, organizations trying to implement traditional security controls struggle to keep up with rapidly changing dynamic cloud environments and often find it inhibiting productivity and reducing business benefits expected from cloud transition. 

Britive’s innovative product offers the cloud-native security many businesses need today to manage cloud infrastructure identity and access” says Clayton Riness, Principal of Threat, Solutions and IR at Tevora. “Our partnership with Britive enableus to deliver new type of strategic security services that will help organizations accelerate their cloud transition.” 

Tevora is a well-known brand for business-centric security solutions. Their team of cyber security experts are always at the forefront of major technology innovations, such as the next generation cloud-native security products 

The Tevora partnership will allow us to collaboratively develop solutions to our enterprise customers’ most challenging security problems and deliver ongoing business value,” says Art PoghosyanCEO of Britive.  “With Tevora’s experienced consultants and our talented team of cloud experts, we are committed to delivering security services that help customers protect their digital assets through actionable results. 

Britive’s partnership with Tevora will result in valuable security offering, including the following:  

  • Reduce security risks related to cloud data breaches. 
  • Simplify and standardize the privilege authorization process via Just-in-time (JIT) policy model.  
  • Meet compliance and achieve operational efficiency by managing entire user and system account lifecycle.  

Security matters. As enterprises face new challenges in an ever-changing business landscape, keeping pace with the speed of digital transformation by embracing cutting-edge technologies is critical.  

Together, Britive and Tevora will help customers optimize security and compliance decisions, along with faster remediation, thus protecting them from today’s advanced threats and impact of breaches on their businesses 

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About Britive

Britive is a cloud security company with a solution for the cloud’s biggest access problem: privileged access. Our solution mirrors the dynamic nature of the cloud and helps address its equally dynamic threat landscape and risks.  

Britive enables customers to:  

– Gain complete visibility and govern access for privileged cloud users 
– Enforce access policies and monitor compliance 
– Detect privileged access threats more accurately across multi-cloud environments. 

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About Tevora

Founded in 2003, Tevora is a specialized management consultancy focused on cybersecurity, risk, and compliance services. Based in Irvine, CA, our experienced consultants are devoted to supporting the CISO in protecting their organization’s digital assets. We make it our responsibility to ensure the CISO has the tools and guidance they need to build their departments so they can prevent and respond to daily threats. 

Our expert advisors take the time to learn about each organization’s unique pressures and challenges, so we can help identify and execute the best solutions for each case. We take a hands-on approach to each new partnership, and –year after year –apply our cumulative learnings to continually strengthen the company’s digital defenses. 

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