How Multi-Profile Checkouts Empower Users and Enforce Security

Multi-Profile Checkout for AWS, Azure, GCP, & OCI We’re pleased to announce an exciting new feature to Britive’s Multi-Cloud Privilege Management Platform: multi-profile checkouts for Just-In-Time (JIT) access. Multi-profile checkouts allow users to access more than one profile concurrently to get their jobs done faster. Why We Did It A Britive customer came to us … Read more

Multi-Cloud is Here: How Audits and Least Privilege Access Help Enterprises Meet Compliance Regulations

Audits & Compliance Regulations in the Cloud For enterprises in the cloud, privileged user audits can be a source of fear and frustration. Why? The most common reason is that audits discover abnormalities, errors, and in some cases, malicious behavior. Turning up these things, in and of itself, is beneficial. It provides insight and helps … Read more

Off-boarding Matters: How to Protect Your Company and Customers from Employees with Bad Intentions

Six Best Practices for Cloud Privilege Management

Off-boarding in the Cloud Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: an employee is terminated and, fueled by resentment, seeks revenge on the employer. In the digital age, revenge takes various forms, but many times it involves stealing, sharing, or maligning valuable data that hurts the organization and exposes customer information. Well, it has … Read more

Learn How Britive Can Work with IGA for Improved Access Requests

A modern Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) solution lets organizations monitor user access levels and understand what actions users can take while working within various applications.   Gartner defines IGA as an “activity within the identity and access management (IAM) function that concerns the governance and administration of a unique digital representation of a user, … Read more

Protecting Machine IDs in Multi-Cloud: 5 Techniques

The following article first appeared in eWeek. Automation through digital transformation initiatives that rely on cloud-based applications is driving a surge in the use of machine identities (IDs). Indeed, machine identities outnumber human identities by at least 3-to-1. And while machine IDs drive productivity by completing tasks quickly and without error, such widespread use – … Read more

CIEM “On the Rise” in Gartner’s 2021 IAM Hype Cycle

By now you may have seen that Gartner’s annual Hype Cycle for Identity and Access Management Technologies (IAM) was published in July. As always, the information is relevant and useful. The authors note that the report “emphasizes the maturation of innovations that deliver security, risk management and business value for customer and workforce IAM. As … Read more

4 Key Takeaways from the New Gartner Report: Innovation Insight for Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management

Recently, Gartner released a new report, Innovation Insight for Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management, that is probably the most comprehensive look to date at the fast-emerging CIEM space. Understanding Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management The context is that managing cloud infrastructure entitlements is becoming a greater challenge due to their rapid increase in number and complexity, further … Read more

Extending Zero Trust to Your Cloud Identity Lifecycle

Zero Trust

Cybercriminals are focusing malicious attacks on privileged access and secrets management infrastructure more than ever. Specifically, they’re targeting immature cloud identity governance systems and lax security in DevOps processes that don’t follow a Zero Trust Framework. These trends shouldn’t come as a surprise, given the new, complex and fast-evolving world of multiple cloud platforms and … Read more


Onboarding and offboarding with least standing privilege

How Britive Makes it Possible to Secure Onboarding & Offboarding For Employees & Contractors In The Cloud Standing privilege access is one of the most dire IT security vulnerabilities facing public and private organizations today. We at Britive cite this stat a lot, but it really can’t be emphasized enough: Gartner now sees inadequate management … Read more