Britive Now Supporting ABAC Integration via AWS SSO

We’re excited today to announce Britive’s support for attribute-based access control (ABAC), a new integration with AWS. This new integration will enable mutual customers of Britive and AWS to achieve ABAC for secure authentication and authorization to multiple AWS accounts. This new capability builds on Britive’s previously announced support for role-based access control (RBAC), and significantly simplifies and expands the ability of Britive customers to … Read more

Single Sign On Integrated with the Britive Platform Minimizes Attack Surfaces

Single Sign On and Britive

In today’s perimeterless enterprise, security defense strategies based on firewalls and virtual fencing protections are no longer effective. As more organizations move to the cloud, digital identity and privilege management are now the first line of defense in protecting business applications, data stores and especially team-oriented resources such as the continuous integration / continuous development … Read more

How Britive Can Add Critical Value to Your Lacework Investment

Britive and Lacework prevent cyber attacks

As cloud computing and DevOps gained momentum in recent years, many in the IT security community began to see rapidly widening gaps between the needs of enterprises building innovative digital services in the cloud and the limitations of traditional security solutions designed for data centers. The founders of Britive were among these observers. Their collective … Read more

The DevOps and SecOps Journey to the Cloud

DevOps team member at work

Moving your business into the cloud means protecting your cloud applications. It’s a bigger challenge than protecting traditional on prem networks. Contrary to what the board may believe, there’s more to it than simply moving the entire network infrastructure and security stack into the cloud. Watch this video to learn about the unique security challenges … Read more

Demo Video (3:20): Britive Dynamic Permissioning for DevOps Automation

DevOps team meeting

WATCH DEMO NOW  One of the frequent questions prospective Britive customers ask is, “How can adding privileged access management (PAM) functionality into our DevOps automation processes and strategy enhance our security in the cloud, without disrupting product delivery or requiring extensive management overhead?”  This short demo video answers this question in detail.   Specifically, prospective Britive customers are interested in their CI/CD pipeline and deployment of resources via Terraform to AWS. They want to be … Read more

Enabling IGA and Dynamic Onboarding and Offboarding with Britive

User account onboarding

One of the most fundamental challenges of securing the identity defined perimeter is the ability to easily manage and secure the cloud identity lifecycle – from the quick onboarding of new employees and contractors, through the maintenance of Least Privilege Access (LPA) and Zero Standing Privileges (ZSP) for those users while they are working in the cloud, to the complete removal of accounts and access when … Read more