The Britive Solution

Organizations that are rapidly expanding their capabilities into the cloud often overlook the risk of unmanaged privileged user access. A breach of privileged access in their cloud platforms could result in downtime, data breach incident, reputational damage, legal action and regulatory penalties. Furthermore, the cloud vendors have disparate access management interfaces which makes privilege management costly and very complex.

At Britive, we embrace the opportunity of the cloud and work hard to help organizations overcome the intrinsic challenges and risks presented by the cloud. We believe that thoughtfully managed cloud privileged access will deliver tangible business benefits, such as reduced likelihood of security breaches, lowered administrative costs, and enhanced regulatory and audit compliance.

Visibility & Control

Britive’s solution offers enterprise the right platform to implement centralized governance model for privileged access in cloud applications.

Pre-integration of cloud technologies (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, etc.) in our platform allows for rapid discovery and audit of existing access levels and users. 

Continuous scanning and reporting ensures ongoing oversight and control.

Policy & Governance

With complete visibility, governing privileged access becomes more feasible. Britive’s solution allows enterprise to centrally define and implement access policies for cloud applications.

Britive has a unique technology for configuring and enforcing dynamic access policies: user’s access privileges are expanded in real-time, upon transition from normal to privileged mode, and automatically reduced at the end of the session to ensure no static privileges are exposed. Additionally, fine-tuning the policy scope allows for least privilege enforcement.

Britive helps eliminate costly and rigid solutions based on privileged credential vaulting and the redundant ‘admin’ login IDs.

Britive’s integrations with cloud Single Sign-On (SSO) and multi-factor authentication (MFA) solutions allows for rapid secure deployment of cloud privilege management.

Monitoring & Detection

From a single centralized platform, Britive can monitor unusual administrative activity across disparate cloud platforms and applications for policy compliance and detect potentially harmful activities by leveraging machine learning.

Our centralized logging offers valuable data integration capabilities for security operations center (SOC) technologies (e.g., SIEM, UEBA) to provide context-specific data for privileged access which increases enterprise-wide visibility and enables faster threat detection and prevention.



Britive Solution Briefs for Major Cloud Platforms