Streamlined Privileged Access Management | Britive

Secure Identities & Privileges Cross-Cloud

Britive is a cloud-native platform for automating multi-cloud privilege identity management across data, infrastructure, and applications.

Control privileged entitlements and secrets for human and synthetic identities (service, machine, workloads, etc.), make business decisions based on activity analytics, and stay in front of threats with real-time reporting.

We help secure your identities and privileges so your business can move as fast as the cloud.

Eliminate: Standing PermissionsPrivilege SprawlHigh Risk PrivilegesCloud Silos

100% API-driven integration means a direct connection to your cloud platforms—without the exposure to security risks. See how Britive simplifies privileged access management and automatically grants and revokes access for human and machine identities.

Our Platform

The Britive advantage

A single cloud identity security platform that delivers fast time to value.

  • Easier Cloud Migration

    Maintain visibility & control over the proliferation of identities & privileges that come with fast cloud adoption.

  • Faster App Development

    Streamlined privileged access management allows you to spend time & resources on product development, not cloud access administration.

  • Better Compliance

    Enforce least privilege access to avoid compliance violations due to over privileged accounts.

  • Lower Infrastructure Cost

    Converge critical cloud identity security functions traditionally covered by multiple products.

Why Britive

An all-in-one permissioning platform

Britive is an access management and policy enforcement platform for all your cloud infrastructure and platform services.

We secure the cloud so you can scale

Identities Managed
Static Permissions Eliminated
Multi-Cloud Environments Secured

Streamline & secure cloud access management

Minimize your attack surface, cut overhead, streamline compliance audits, and boost productivity. Get in touch today to see Britive in action.