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Cloud PAM, for a Dynamic Cloud Era

Zero Trust Authorization, Seamless Access Across Any System, Any Cloud, Human or Non-Human.

Old PAM Approaches Fall Flat

With the ever-changing demands cloud environments, technology, and access requirements, organizations need a privileged access management (PAM) solution that can actually keep up.

  • Current “just-in-time” methodology still leaves static credentials and permissions at risk of exploitation.
  • Legacy PAM doesn’t provide the speed, flexibility, or business value that teams need.
  • Building a custom access management solution is complex, fragmented, and unnecessarily time-consuming.

Built for the Cloud’s Access Management Challenges

Designed specifically for cloud environments, Britive was born and built to take its unique access management challenges head-on. From cloud infrastructure to servers, databases, and more on private networks, we make it easy for teams to get privileged access, but only when they need it. No standing access, no privilege sprawl.

Unify & Streamline Cloud Access Management

Britive is an identity access management and policy enforcement platform for all your cloud infrastructure and platform services.

Dynamic, Ephemeral Access Across the Cloud

Easily grant and revoke permissions based on policy and user attributes. With Britive’s patented technology, permissions exist only when they’re requested, and automatically expire after a set period of time.

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DevOps Friendly, Security Approved

Security shouldn’t have to come at the cost of development speed. Britive meets users where they already are to support CI/CD pipeline automations, support for CLI access through PyBritive, and more.

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Eliminate Friction, Increase Productivity

Britive’s API-first design allows for vendor agnostic, native integrations across your entire environment. Streamline the user experience and make the most of your existing investments.

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Cloud Access Management is Bright with Britive

Empowering organizations with rapid, secure access so they can accelerate the adoption of cloud infrastructure, apps, and data.​

  • Reduce Your Attack Surface

    Britive enforces true just-in-time access that’s dynamically aligned with internal security policies and compliance demands, ensuring zero standing privileges and the enforcement of least privilege access.

  • Meet the Speed of the Cloud

    Enable rapid growth and change across cloud technology without having to spend months on deployment and configuration.

  • Unified & Streamlined Access Workflows

    Teams get access to what they need when they need it. No more time wasted on complicated workflows. And no worrying about who has access to what.

Benefits of Britive

Secure and Scale Identity Access at Cloud Speed with Britive

Identities Managed
Static Permissions Eliminated
Multi-Cloud Environments Secured

Modernize Access Management to Cloud Resources with JIT for All Identities

Streamline and secure multi-cloud access to eliminate standing privileges, stay audit-ready, and optimize DevOps workflows. Get in touch today to see Britive in action.