Cloud is Vulnerable

Dynamic access governance will make all the difference.

Rapid adoption of the cloud brought new challenges for enterprise security. Organizations struggle to defend against cyberattacks, especially targeting cloud privileged access. Traditional security and access management tools offer little help for solving this problem for the cloud. 

Cloud Privileged Access Is a Major Risk for Enterprise

Visibility & Compliance

Thousands of cloud applications with different access models.

Lack of visibility into who has what access, and how it’s used in the cloud.

Access Enforcement

Available privilege management products inhibit cloud operations and administration.

Static access authorization in the cloud leaves organizations vulnerable.


Threat Monitoring

Access policy violations and threats are lost across thousands of cloud applications. 

Cloud threat monitoring solutions are too generic to detect privileged activity threats.

Britive has the solution for cloud privileged access

Built in the cloud, for the cloud, with security and scalability in mind.

Reduce Threats

Visibility & Control

Privilege Access Management

Policy & Governance

Strengthen Overall Security

Monitoring & Detection

Britive Cloud Solution

Our Story

The Britive founding team has the expertise.