Based in Glendale, California, Britive is choosing to grow aggressively in Portland, Oregon. Recently, Britive has expanded to open a new office in Portland, located in the WeWork Custom House, a co-working space. Deemed the “Silicon Forest,” Portland was the right choice based on several factors including talent and relative affordability. As we begin tapping into the local engineering talent pool, this new location will augment our second development center located in Bangalore, India.

The company has four employees in the new office and expects to grow substantially in the next several months. With a total team size of about ten across the globe and an ever-growing demand for our product, we plan to scale accordingly. As we pioneer the path to cloud security 2.0 through dynamic privileged access governance, we’re looking for the innovators and the doers of the world. Find out more about the opportunities available with us through our careers page.