CRN assembled its list of the 10 hottest cloud security startups in 2020 and the Britive team buzzed with excitement. We believe so strongly in what we are doing here – creating a new way forward for enterprises to have the protection they so urgently need, but often lack because the technology has taken its time catching up with the cloud explosion. Recognition like this energizes us on our mission to help companies achieve a state of reinforcement sometimes known as cloud security 2.0.

Firstly we were recognized for having the support of the investor community, through $5.4m raised in venture capital funding so far. Upfront Ventures, plus a number of co-investors in the latest funding round including OneWay, SmartGate, Andrew Peterson, CEO of Signal Sciences and Dave Cole, CEO of Open Raven, have honored us by believing in the growth potential of Britive’s category defining solution for delivering significantly greater control over cloud access privileges. We are infinitely grateful for their confidence.

Contributing features of our selection as a top 10 cloud security startup

Additionally, we were called out for a number of features built into the Britive platform to enable cloud-native privileged access management.

  • Dynamic Permissioning – supporting the principle of least privilege though allowing users to dynamically self-elevate their privilege levels (on a pre-authorization basis) to perform key administrative tasks for the minimum time required to complete a task, returning the user to a state of zero standing privilege (ZSP) on task completion.
  • Intelligent engine with machine learning – to learn user behavior and recommend privilege right-sizing for users and machine IDs
  • Continuous monitoring for anomalies – which can indicate privilege misuse.

CRN also brought people’s attention to our partnership earlier in the year with Tevora, which bolsters our ability to eliminate security risks related to cloud data breaches, as well as simplifies and standardizes the privilege authorization process.

Truthfully, we were in good company, with inspirational cloud security startups like Accurics, Intezer and StackRox also on CRN’s radar. A shift in employee distribution during the pandemic is just one driver of the exciting space that cloud security is now occupying.

2020 has been an important year in Britive’s evolution, and I know I speak for the entire team when I say we can’t wait to see what 2021 will bring.

If you would like a no-obligation demo of the Britive Platform, contact us here.