CEO and Co-Founder of Britive, Art Poghosyan, Speaks at Information Systems Security Association – LA

Privileged access has been one of the most complex issues organizations have had to address. Breaches of privileged access can have profound impact on IT infrastructure, expose large volumes of confidential data and cause devastating consequences for the business. The rapid evolution of the public cloud technologies in the past few years has introduced even more complexity and has challenged the existing methods and tools for securing privileged access. As a result, we are witnessing an exponential increase in cloud access breaches that leave terabytes of confidential data exposed and cost businesses billions of dollars every year.

In this talk, we will review key examples of how the growing public cloud ecosystems have re-defined privileged access security requirements which, in turn, created the need for new and innovative approaches to securing privileged access. We will also review the best practices for cloud privileged access governance that are already emerging and are being adopted by the industry leading organizations. We will conclude with recommendations for security professionals to help identify their cloud privileged access exposures and define a methodical approach for addressing this critical risk in their environments.