Introducing Advanced Data Analytics

If your organization uses a multi-cloud environment, you know how important it is to grant the permissions your team needs to complete tasks efficiently and effectively. But it’s also critical to continuously manage those users, to know at a glance who has access to what, and have a reliable process for granting and revoking privileges on the fly.

The problem is, many teams are without a solution that can do this across a multi-cloud environment. As more users enter an organization’s environment, administrators often grant elevated permissions because they do not have a systematic way to right-size permissions without impeding productivity. What’s more, once permissions are granted, it’s a significant challenge to know which permissions are being used and by whom. This leads to excessive standing privileges that put your organization at risk.

If a hacker gains access to your environment by targeting an over-privileged account, could your organization quickly determine which user was breached? Would you be able to scan your entire cloud environment and know where the attack occurred? Could you locate the attacker by automatically analyzing all user behavior?

To solve these pressing challenges, we are thrilled to announce Advanced Data Analytics (ADA) – a powerful new part of the Britive platform that lets you proactively monitor users across multi-cloud environments, automatically enforce permission right-sizing, and quickly achieve a least privilege model cross-cloud.

Advanced Data Analytics Key Features

1) Privilege Right-Sizing Recommendations

2) Risk Scoring within AWS Accounts

3) Access Map Visualizing Access and Authorization

4) Query Engine to Flatten Access Views

5) Exportable Data via API to External Systems

More Visibility and Control, Less Uncertainty and Risk

*scan your entire environment for risks and recommendations.

Britive’s Advanced Data Analytics moves you closer to a least privilege model on Day 1.


We gather ninety days of historical data and show you the roles users in your environment have and how they are used. The power to see in one place (say goodbye to spreadsheets) which users need permissions revoked or refined empowers CISOs with greater visibility and gives CTOs the authorization and confidence to act swiftly.

Take Control of Privileges with Effective Right-Sizing Recommendations

This insight alone moves privilege access management in multi-cloud from a state of uncertainty and risk to a state of accuracy and control. You will quickly see how roles are being used and determine if permissions should be revoked or new permissions should be granted.

As you use Advanced Data Analytics more, your role right-sizing process improves, your attack surface shrinks, and your least privilege model strengthens and refines. User accounts, role assumptions, service principles – take control of each of them. Enhanced productivity and tightened security are the results ADA delivers. It makes achieving least privilege access a reality for organizations attempting to thrive in multi-cloud environments.

*update roles and user permissions quickly.

Complements and Improves Your Cloud Environment

Multiple cloud service providers allow for numerous security challenges, which require organizations to monitor broad attack surfaces. But without a unified access model to manage your CSPs – and a systematic way to monitor user permissions – securing multi-cloud environments is a highly challenging responsibility.

The ADA query engine hurdles the challenge by giving security teams the ability to investigate an incident specific to a resource quickly. For example, if you use Snowflake and an S3 bucket is inadvertently exposed, an attacker can use it to access your environment. As we’ve seen many times, organizations typically discover the publicized misconfiguration and fix it.

But what about the attacker? An advanced attacker doesn’t want to simply steal your data; an advanced attacker wants to live in your environment, to move unnoticed and laterally, after the breach is discovered and the misconfiguration resolved.

Use the Query Engine to Flatten Access Views

In this example, the ADA query engine would let SOC analysts see your Snowflake background, identify how the attacker acquired access, and determine how they have been exploiting it. This creates an identity-centric security data lake within your Snowflake environment: a powerful new weapon in your security arsenal.

In addition to historical and ongoing analysis of effective permissions, as well as a powerful query engine to flatten access views, ADA has key product features to help you manage and secure your environment.

Advanced Data Analytics Product Features

  • Risk Scoring within AWS Accounts
  • Access Map Visualizing Access and Authorization
  • Exportable Data via API to External Systems

*flatten access views with an interactive access map.

The First Modern Privilege Access Management Built for Cloud

With the Britive platform, organizations can right-size privileges from a unified access model across IaaS, PaaS, DaaS, and SaaS.

Advanced Data Analytics dynamically supports right-sizing privileges and strengthens your ability to achieve a least privilege access model.

We’re excited to offer ADA to new and existing customers. We believe it’s a powerful solution teams can depend on to enhance how multi-cloud environments are managed and secured.

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