As multi-cloud business operations proliferated throughout 2023, it became clear that the future of cloud security favors those committed to staying on the cutting edge of access management. 2023 delivered an arsenal of innovative trends and strategies to navigate the intricate web of multi-cloud environments. Britive’s 2023 State of Cloud Identities and Privileges Report serves as a treasure map for these transformative trends. In this blog post, we’re strapping in for a thrill ride through the top three cloud identity and access management innovations of 2023 and discussing their pivotal role in safeguarding cloud resources and data in the modern business landscape.  

1. Unlocking the Power of Least Privilege and Just-in-Time Access 

Least Privilege 

In 2023, the stage was set for the rise of the least privilege security philosophy. Organizations recognized the critical need to establish and maintain least privilege as part of an overall security posture, and the Britive report confirms that it became a top priority. This game-changer revolves around the idea of granting users only the permissions they absolutely need – nothing more, nothing less. 

Why It’s the Ace Up Your Sleeve: Least privilege access is the secret sauce that shrinks the attack surface. By handcuffing user permissions to the bare minimum, organizations can slam the door on unauthorized access and privilege escalation. This is your fortress against breaches and insider threats, safeguarding your kingdom of data. 

Just-In-Time (JIT) Access 

JIT access has gained popularity in 2023, due to its powerful ability to enable organizations to establish and maintain a least privileged posture. It’s all about letting users don their superhero capes (elevated privileges) only when the world needs saving (for a limited time).  

Why It’s the Dynamic Duo: JIT access is the cape that enhances security by slashing the attacker’s window of opportunity. Even if the bad guys get their hands on credentials, their time is ticking. This proactive approach tosses a wrench into unauthorized and overprivileged access within your cloud kingdom. 

2. Continuous Purging of Admin Privileges 

Over the last year, there has been a shift in the perspective on administrative privileges that transcended industries and underlined the need for JIT permissioning. In the not-so-distant past, users often luxuriated in elevated and static privileges, but no more. Britive’s report reveals that organizations began to see the risks in overabundant admin privileges and took action. 

Why It’s the Key to the Castle: Admin privileges are the crown jewels coveted by attackers. Breaches involving admin accounts spell disaster, from data exposure to operational chaos. By continually assessing and snipping admin privileges, organizations slam the door on attackers, sticking to the zero-trust doctrine of continuous verification. 

3. Eagle-Eyed Surveillance and Quickdraw Session Termination 

Permissioning Insights 

In the cloud identity and access management game, it’s not just about opening doors; it’s about keeping an unblinking eye on what’s happening inside. Britive’s report reveals the rising importance of scrutinizing privileged sessions within cloud environments. 

Why It’s the Crystal Ball: This insight into cross-cloud privileged sessions is the sentry guarding against unusual or suspicious activities, the canary in the coal mine for security incidents. Real-time visibility into who’s accessing your treasures and what they’re up to is your ticket to spotting threats before they strike.


Terminating Privileges 

The report also champions the swift execution of privilege termination protocols. When unauthorized or suspicious activity raises its head, cutting the cord can thwart the attacker and limit the fallout. 

Why It’s a Must-Have for Terminations: Timely session termination is the proactive shield that contains and mitigates incidents. It disrupts an attacker’s grip on your kingdom and sends them packing, minimizing lateral movement and data breaches. 

The Path Forward in Cloud Identity and Access Management 

The innovations from Britive’s 2023 Cloud Access Management Report are your compass in the shifting sands of cloud security. As organizations ride the cloud’s waves, they must invest in robust access management strategies. Here are your guiding stars: 

1. Embrace the Principle of Least Privilege: This is your North Star. Least privilege can guide your access management strategy, keeping user permissions lean and mean. 

2. Implement Just-in-Time Access: Add JIT access to your toolkit in order to enable a tighter grip on your organization’s security. It’s the stopwatch that shoos attackers away from sensitive data and infrastructure. 

3. Review and Remove Admin Privileges: Audit and trim admin privileges regularly. Keep the zero-trust flame burning bright. 

4. Invest in Cross-Cloud Insights: Arm yourself with tools that offer panoramic insights across cloud domains. Detect threats in real-time. 

5. Prioritize Session Termination: Make session termination swift and ruthless. It’s your emergency ripcord when things go south. 

Britive’s 2023 State of Cloud Identities and Privileges Report is not just a glimpse into the future: it’s the blueprint for securing your digital kingdom. Embrace these innovations and weave them into your access management tapestry. With these tools at your organization’s disposal, you’ll navigate the multi-cloud labyrinth with confidence, benefiting from both agility and ironclad security in the era of cloud dominance.