Privileged Access Management Pricing for the Multi-Cloud

Britive Pricing

Learn more about how Britive’s JIT privileged access management pricing is customized for your organization’s headcount and tech stack.

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Streamline Your Development Pipeline with Britive

Streamline your DevOps pipeline and build faster by automating access and approvals via a unified cross-cloud identity platform. Adopt a least-privilege security posture without compromising user experience. Transition from static privileges to an ephemeral, Just-In-Time access model to enhance the Time-to-Value of development cost and operations. 

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Easy deployment. Simple integration.
Fast time-to-value.

Britive’s API-driven cloud access management solution
deploys in minutes—significantly reducing time to value.



Enables Faster Adoption of Cloud and SaaS

Enhance business productivity without compromising cloud access security. Maintain visibility and control over the proliferation of identities and privileges inherent to cloud services.


Accelerates Cloud App Development

Builders can spend more time on product development because they can quickly check out privileges without going through the long process of requesting credentials from system admins.


Removes Burdensome Security Tools

The Britive platform integrates easily with automation tooling that simplifies and speeds development by overcoming the complexity of traditional security solutions and processes.


Reduces Infrastructure Costs

Britive converges critical cloud identity security functionality into a single platform, eliminating the need for expensive products that were built for on-prem use and retain unnecessary on-prem functions.

See the Britive Platform in Action

Britive delivers fast value for DevOps, SecOps, and CloudOps teams

Britive’s Cloud Identity Security Platform meets the security and performance needs of DevOps, security, and cloud infrastructure management teams, facilitating the migration to unified DevSecOps processes.

Solve multi-cloud access issues for DevSecOps teams

Britive empowers Security, DevOps, and Compliance teams to manage cloud access and identity in multi-cloud environments with Just-In-Time (JIT) privileged access, advanced visibility, and secrets management.

Facilitates internal compliance audits

Quickly gain relevant visibility into human and nonhuman privileges, generate necessary reports, and monitor privilege-related risky behavior, cross-cloud.

Cloud security that scales with you.

Minimize your attack surface, cut overhead, streamline compliance audits, and boost productivity.

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