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DevOps Disruption Meter Results – Security is Slowing You Down

DevOps Disruption Meter Results

It’s time for a more efficient cloud security solution.

You need security that moves at the speed of DevOps.

Results:Your Cloud Security is Slowing You Down


After analyzing the results of the DevOps Quiz, it is clear to us that your organization needs a more efficient cloud security solution. Right now you are having to jump through too many security hoops in order to gain privileged access – it’s time for a better system.

In the fast-paced world of software development, there is always a need for speed. But when it comes to access control, developers need ways to gain quick access without sacrificing security. This is why it’s essential to find ways to secure access control at the speed of development. This is where JIT permissioning comes into play.

JIT Permissioning at the Speed of DevOps

JIT permissioning eliminates the need for static, pre-defined roles and permissions, making it ideal for DevOps environments where applications and responsibilities are constantly changing. With JIT permissioning, users are only granted the permissions they need at the moment they need them. This “ephemeral” approach to access control reduces friction between development and security teams by eliminating the need for constant role changes and access requests. JIT permissioning also helps to speed up the delivery of new features and services by eliminating delays caused by static role-based access control models. Ultimately, JIT permissioning can help improve your DevOps pipeline’s speed and security.

Next Step: The Britive Cloud Security Assessment

Our risk assessment puts real human eyes from the Britive cloud security experts on how your organization can boost its cross-cloud security without sacrificing your DevOps momentum. Learn more here or fill out the form below to get started.

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Eliminate Security Delays with Britive

In order to create a more efficient workflow for your DevOps team, your organization needs a cross-cloud security tool that can grant automatic, ephemeral privileged access.

Britive offers a dynamic JIT access solution that integrates cross-cloud with your current platforms to deliver cloud security at the speed of DevOps. Request a demo to learn more.