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DevOps Disruption Meter Results – You Have A Wide Attack Surface

DevOps Disruption Meter Results

It’s time to get serious about security.

You’re building fast, but your attack surface is growing.

Results: You Have A Wide Attack Surface


After analyzing the results of the DevOps Quiz, it is clear to us that your organization needs to be placing a higher priority on cloud security. Your wide attack surface is leaving you vulnerable to potential attacks and breaches.

We get it – developers are under pressure to deliver on tight deadlines, and often security checkpoints can feel like a barrier to speed. The need to maintain speed should not, however, come at the expense of security. Although it’s great for DevOps to be able to build fast and not be slowed down by access delays, standing privileges can cause organizations major problems down the road.

Standing Privileges Increase. Attack Surfaces

Standing privileges can be a major security risk. By definition, standing privileges give users broad access to system resources and the ability to perform actions that could potentially destabilize the system. In contrast, a zero-standing privilege posture means that users only have the privileges they need at any given moment and no more. This approach helps minimize the overall attack surface and reduce the chances of a successful attack. While standing privileges may be convenient for users, they also represent a significant security risk. In today’s constantly connected world, it is more important than ever to adopt a zero-standing privilege posture to protect systems and data from potential threats.

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