DevOps Disruption Meter Results - Build Faster and Safer with Britive - Britive
DevOps Disruption Meter Results – Build Faster and Safer with Britive

DevOps Disruption Meter Results

Your team is serious about cloud security – now it’s time to level up.


Results: You Need Cross-Cloud Visibility and Analytics


After analyzing the results of the DevOps Quiz, it is clear to us that your organization is placing a high priority on efficient cloud security. Nice work, team! Now it’s time to level up. Your organization is ready for the high-performance insights of a cross-cloud JIT solution. 

As the multi-cloud landscape grows, privilege visibility becomes more challenging. Organizations need to be able to see what users are doing with their privileges, as well as identify any standing privileges that may pose a risk. However, traditional security tools are not designed for this purpose, and as a result, many organizations lack the visibility they need to secure their cloud environments.

Insights and Understandings to Empower Zero-Trust Posture

Cross-cloud visibility is a top challenge for securely adopting cloud services. A recent Britive study found that only 1 out of every 10 organizations has visibility into their multi-cloud privileges. Without the ability to monitor and control user activity across clouds, it’s impossible to maintain a zero-trust posture. However, with the right tools in place, organizations can gain insights into human and synthetic user behavior, identify instances of overprivileged access, and take corrective action to secure their systems and data. With cross-cloud visibility, organizations can not only improve their security posture but also empower their developers to work more securely and efficiently.

Next Step: The Britive Cloud Security Assessment

We think your organization will benefit from The Britive Cloud Security Assessment.

Our security assessment puts real human eyes from the Britive cloud security experts on how your organization can boost its cross-cloud security without sacrificing your DevOps momentum. Learn more here or fill out the form below to get started.

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Level Up Your Cross-Cloud Security with Britive

In order to protect your organization’s sensitive data and systems, implementing a strong cloud security solution is crucial. Britive offers a dynamic JIT access solution that integrates cross-cloud with your current platforms to deliver cloud security at the speed of DevOps. Request a demo to learn more.