DevOps Tooling - Britive

DevOps-Friendly Programmatic Tooling

Increase development velocity by integrating via API with DevOps automation tooling. Eliminate the operational cost and complexity of DIY access solutions.

Cloud Native Identity Access for CI/CD Pipelines

  • Programmatic Automation

    Britive’s automated approach to controlling cloud access improves developer productivity while securing DevOps workflows and reduces human error.​

  • Developer-Focused Experience

    With our command line interface (CLI), PyBritive, developers can build and deploy applications more securely and without disrupting their existing workflows.​

  • Rapid Deployment

    Britive is API-based so there are no agents or other software to deploy which means you can be managing JIT access in hours, not months like legacy PAM tooling requires.

Dynamic Cloud Secrets Management for DevOps

Britive Cloud Secrets Manager vault secures static secrets and issues dynamic privileges via JIT secrets that developers need for rapid test, build, release and configuration.

  • Eliminate embedded API keys and static secrets that development teams need to spin up temporary cloud services and replace them with ephemeral JIT secrets.
  • Protect static secrets (passwords, API keys, tokens) by automating secrets rotation and updating credentials to improve management of joiners, movers, leavers.
  • Gain visibility into secrets access to proactively monitor and know which identities are tied to security incidents or risky activities.

Accelerate DevOps workflows with easy, secure JIT access

Development and Platform Engineering teams can leverage Britive during the test, build, release and configure DevOps stages and stay laser focused on applying limited resources to product development, not identity access security. With Britive, your team can troubleshoot issues or engage in other work critical to a release in any multi-cloud environment, including Kubernetes clusters.

Integrate via API with DevOps automation tooling

Integrate Britive via API with DevOps automation tooling such as Jenkins and Terraform for JIT ephemeral access across all your cloud environments

Grant ephemeral API keys, tokens and other secrets

Grant ephemeral API keys, tokens and other secrets to quickly spin up temporary services for development and testing and eliminate hard coded keys.

Gain access to cloud resources faster

Execute faster with Britive Access Builder’s pre-built profiles and self-service access requests that reduce time-to-access cloud infrastructure, apps and data.

Quickly and securely log into any environment

QA engineers can quickly and securely log into environments for pre-determined time frames to test builds and accelerate overall release cycles

Eliminate privileged access risk at DevOps speed

Streamline and secure multi-cloud access to eliminate standing privileges, stay audit-ready, and optimize DevOps workflows. Get in touch today to see Britive in action.