SAAS IAAS PAAS DAAS Integrations w/ Cloud-Native Solution

Seamlessly Integrated Access Management for All Cloud Identities

The Britive multi-cloud access solution integrates with cloud infra, apps and data with our easy-to-deploy APIs. Mitigate risk cross-cloud by granting and revoking privileges automatically, with JIT permissioning that expires in the minimum amount of time required for users to accomplish their tasks.

Britive’s Cloud Native Solution Integrates with All Major SaaS, IaaS, PaaS & DaaS Platforms

Native cloud access tooling like AWS IAM User and Oracle OIM aren’t enough to keep up with the ever-evolving cloud landscape. Cloud-forward organizations need JIT privileges automated and unified on a single cross-cloud platform. Whether you operate in AWS, Azure, OCI or GCP – our JIT access system automatically grants and revokes privileges across all cloud platforms with ease.


On AWS, Britive provides JIT permissioning for human and synthetic users, and IAM teams can generate dynamic secrets for workflow approvals.

Google Cloud Platform

On GCP, Britive’s cloud-native solution minimizes identity sprawl and over-privileged accounts, without slowing developers.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

On OCI, Britive’s ephemeral JIT permissioning solution enables organizations to enhance security and streamline access management.


On Azure, Britive’s cloud identity security platform eliminates static privileges and identifies high-risk and unused privileged accounts.


Control Salesforce access with Britive to keep all your CRM IDs and data safe.

See for Yourself

Take a tour of Britive to see how easily it manages and secures privileged users and their access permissions cross-cloud.

Modernize Access Management to Cloud Resources with JIT for All Identities

Streamline and secure multi-cloud access to eliminate standing privileges, stay audit-ready, and optimize DevOps workflows. Get in touch today to see Britive in action.