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Dynamic Permissioning Platform For Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Google Cloud security requires additional safeguards as enterprises grow, Britive offers seamless integration for managing GCP permissions.


GCP Privilege Security Is Complex

  • Google cloud security is not handled by IT or Security
  • Missing visibility into who access and how it’s used
  • Static privilege levels expose GCP environments to security breaches
  • Existing privileged access products are typically unavailable
  • Existing threat monitoring solutions fall short of providing necessary information

GCP Security Strategies Report


In the Summer of 2022, we gathered survey data  to better understand the current state of cloud security operations. We found that the majority of Google Cloud Platform (GCP) users are implementing one or more additional cloud environments. As organizations using GCP adapt to multi-cloud landscapes, native security controls quickly prove insufficient.

How can GCP users with multi-cloud environments seamlessly bolster their security and reduce their attack surface? Download our guide to learn.


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Secure GCP with cloud privilege access governance

Dynamic Permissioning

Automated granting and expiration of Just-In-Time (JIT) permissions, and maintenance of Zero Standing Privileges. Centralized and scalable management of human and machine IDs.

Least Privilege Enforcement

Privilege right sizing, discover and elimination of excess privileges, and reduction of attack surface.

Secrets Governance

Automated granting of dynamic secrets for human and human and machine processes.

Cross-Cloud Discovery

Single pane of glass cross cloud. Automated discovery and auditing of accounts and privileges, and reporting from a unified cross-cloud access model.

Proactive Monitoring

Analysis of access changes and policy drift and identification of risky behavior. Post incident investigation of identity-based incidents.

Advanced Data Analytics

Access map visualizing access and authorization with a query engine to flatten access views. Exportable data via API to external systems.

Secure High-Risk Privileges on GCP

Minimize your attack surface, cut overhead, streamline compliance audits, and boost productivity. Get in touch today to see Britive in action.