Dynamic Cloud Secrets Management | Secure Account Access
Platform Secrets Governance

Secure Account Access with Dynamic Cloud Secrets Management

Britive secrets vault secures static secrets, while dynamic cloud secrets are automatically granted and revoked using Just-In-Time permissioning.


Britive generates secrets ephemerally and simplifies secrets management by indicating who has access to which information.

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Automatically Grant & Expire Cloud Secrets

JIT secrets are ephemeral and dictated by policy, giving users all the temporary access they need, but never more.

Store Static Secrets in our Vault

Britive secrets vault protects passwords and API keys by automatically rotating secrets and updating credentials to improve management of joiners, movers, leavers.

See Who Has Access to Which Secrets

Visibility into secrets access allows you to proactively monitor as well as see which identities are tied to security incidents or risky activities.

The Britive Cloud Secrets Manager vault secures static secrets and issues dynamic privileges via JIT secrets. Bridging the gap between static and ephemeral secrets allows organizations to implement governance policies for static and time-based credential management in a single platform. Granting and revoking JIT secrets significantly reduces credential exposure, and helps organizations maintain zero standing privileges (ZSP).

Streamline & secure cloud access management

Minimize your attack surface, cut overhead, streamline compliance audits, and boost productivity. Get in touch today to see Britive in action.