Developers love Google Cloud Platform because they can deliver software fast –– and meet their deadlines … 

Organizations love it because it helps drive growth and revenue.

But given the wide attack surface of Google Cloud Platform, identity and privilege access expose a significant risk.

So, how do we solve the problem? 

We start with identities and their privileges.

In GCP, all identities –– human or synthetic –– require privileged entitlements or secrets.

Britive acts as the intermediary that ties identities to entitlements, then permits access on a just-in-time, ephemeral basis “

Our privilege authorization capability offers an effective and proven way to minimize the impact of a breach without affecting user experience and productivity.

If you love the speed of Google Cloud Platform but need better security, Britive is the solution for you. 

Our 100% cloud-native solution accelerates app development and, because deployment takes only minutes, delivers value immediately.

Contact us today to see how Britive keeps the keys to your cloud accessible and secure.