A modern Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) solution lets organizations monitor user access levels and understand what actions users can take while working within various applications.

Gartner defines IGA as an “activity within the identity and access management (IAM) function that concerns the governance and administration of a unique digital representation of a user, including all associated attributes and entitlements.”

The government requires organizations to protect and record user access to personally identifiable information (PII). This is an essential need in regulated industries like healthcare and finance. The need becomes critical when users leave an organization; the organization must remove their access expediently. IGA helps achieve this and ensures organizations remain in compliance.

Solutions such as Okta, Ping, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure, and others provide IGA services designed to accelerate productivity and keep user activity under control. But as the cloud evolves, so do customer needs.

Additional layers of security are now necessary – especially in multi-cloud environments – and SecOps must apply them without hindering the cloud app development team’s productivity.

This is where Britive can deliver unmatched service.

The Britive platform integrates with your existing IGA system and delivers heightened security measures to keep your environment safe without disrupting workflows and operations.

By incorporating approval workflows to support existing request requirements, you will elevate accountability and minimize risk. In multi-cloud environments, even team leaders – trusted users with privileged access – should be required to acknowledge they accept the risk of granting user access privileges.

But what about visibility, analysis, and reporting? Managing so many users and recording instances of access is a significant challenge when various CSPs are in use.

Britive provides a unified access model, which means you can view all the data you need from a single pane of glass. The platform is a lightweight, abstract tool that requires no heavy lifting and minimal management responsibility.

Britive enables you to make the most of your current IGA investment by building on its native capabilities. The platform enhances those capabilities with an additional layer of security and advanced management processes.

It is fast and easy to get started – we can plug into your existing solution and have you up and running in an hour, which vastly quickens time to value and total cost of ownership.

Would you like to see how the Britive platform works with your IGA to improve workflows and access requests?

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