Britive’s market leadership reflected by 225% surge in platform adoption, innovative patent, and key findings from the 2023 State of Cloud Identities and Privileges Report

Los Angeles, CA – November 6, 2023 – Britive, the leader in securing identities and access to cloud resources with its Cloud Identity Security Platform, today announced several key milestones that highlight significant market momentum with rapid platform adoption, an innovative patent, and key insights from its 2023 State of Cloud Identities and Privileges Report.

Britive’s mission to unify, simplify and secure privileged identities and access in multi-cloud environments is exemplified by the customer adoption it experienced in 2023. The Britive Cloud Identity Security Platform continues to see surging growth and now:

  • Manages over 3.5 million identities, marking a 225 percent increase since September 2022
  • Secures over 8,500 multi-cloud environments for customers across the financial, media, automotive, consumer goods and other verticals
  • Eliminates over 56 million static permissions, a 237 percent increase 

These key indicators underscore enterprise organizations’ need for effective cloud access management that eliminates standing privileges that otherwise could be leveraged by threat actors in identity-based attacks.

New Industry Report Provides Snapshot of Greatest Identity Access Challenges & Opportunities for Enterprise Multi-Cloud Environments

Britive’s 2023 State of Cloud Identities and Privileges Report provides  comprehensive insights and best practices for cloud access based on a survey of more than 1,000 IT and cloud practitioners at leading organizations across multiple verticals.

The report sheds light on top cloud identity trends and challenges, offers critical recommendations for enterprise decision-makers regarding cloud access management and equips them with the strategic guideposts they need to succeed in their multi-cloud environments.

Britive Awarded U.S. Patent for Dynamic Privileged Access Governance Technology

The company also announced that it was recently awarded a patent (U.S. Patent 11770382-B1) by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for a dynamic privileged access governance technology and asso­ciated processes that provide secure cloud-native access management that mirrors the dynamic nature of cloud environments.

Britive’s groundbreaking technology bridges a major gap between security and cloud teams by enabling security teams to implement and monitor security controls and policies without disrupting the dynamic and agile workflows of cloud developers, platform engineers, data analysts and business end-users.

Britive Launches Access Builder, Empowers All Users with Frictionless Self-Service Access 

For enterprises and organizations of all sizes, securing a multi-cloud environment is more attainable than ever with Britive’s recently launched Access Builder, an innovative solution designed to empower developers and business users by facilitating self-service access requests to vital cloud infrastructure, applications, and data. 

The new Access Builder introduces several game-changing benefits and features, including: 

  • Removes complexity: Eliminates the need for complicated, time-consuming workflows and manual processes previously essential for access requests.
  • Elevates productivity: Empowers users, including DevOps teams, infrastructure engineers, and business analysts, to construct their own access profiles, thereby bypassing the conventional and inefficient request and approval workflows that legacy identity governance and administration offerings impose.
  • Enhances security: Enforces authorization guardrails while allowing users to build their access profiles for ephemeral JIT deployment, which tremendously reduces the risks of over-privileged accounts with standing (24x7x365) access. 

Britive’s platform works across major cloud service providers, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, and major SaaS platforms such as Salesforce, ServiceNow, Snowflake, Google Workspace, Workday, and Microsoft Office 365.  

“Securing identities and access is paramount for businesses of all sizes, regardless of industry or vertical. With these major milestones we’re showcasing our rapid adoption driven by our pioneering work to provide our customers the best cloud access management solution possible.”

Art Poghosyan, Britive CEO and co-founder.

“Our recent patent not only cements our leadership position in the dynamic cloud security landscape but proves that we’re effectively enabling our customers to eliminate the complexity of securing identities and access to cloud resources so they can expand their cloud footprint confidently,” Poghosyan said. “By introducing innovations like Access Builder, we’re not just simplifying access – we’re transforming and democratizing it. We envision a world where cloud access is seamless, secure, and efficient, and with these innovations we’re defining the future of cloud access right now.”

About Britive

Britive is the leader in securing identities and access to cloud resources with its Cloud Identity Security Platform that empowers organizations to secure and simplify access so they can rapidly adopt cloud infrastructure, apps and data while preventing identity-based security breaches and operational disruptions. Britive’s Cloud Identity Security Platform is API-based and deploys in hours, not months like legacy PAM and IAM offerings. Britive’s patented technology empowers CloudOps, DevOps and security teams to eliminate the risk associated with breaches caused by over-privileged accounts. Learn more at