How to stop intruders accessing your sensitive data during the holidays

Business man gains access to data in the holidays

With businesses getting ready to power down to a certain degree for the holidays, we sat down with Britive Head of Solutions Engineering John Morton to find out what actions they could be taking to protect their sensitive data during this time without requiring staff to be at work. Q1. Are enterprises worried about malicious activity during the holidays?  Yes, they are. Our customers and prospects are … Read more

Rethink cloud data security from an access point of view

Cloud data security programmer

‘How can I make my cloud environment more secure?’ It’s a common question from enterprise organizations. The right question too often answered incompletely. That’s because the overriding answer is to adopt a cloud native mindset. Instead of thinking in terms of privileged access management, think Cloud Access Management. When you do that, securing your sensitive data looks different to how it ever has in the past.   Define … Read more