Cloud Identity Security Platform For SecOps & DevOps Teams
Multi-Cloud Access Management

Unified Cloud Access Management Across Your Entire Cloud Ecosystem

Britive’s Identity Security Platform is 100% API-based for rapid deployment in any cloud environments: organizations can automate JIT access with the right level of privileges across any cloud environment in hours, not months like legacy PAM offerings. Our patented solution enables CloudOps, DevOps and Security teams to manage account permissions to eliminate the risk posed by over-privileged accounts.​

Streamline and Secure Cloud Access Management


Faster Cloud and Saas Adoption

Move business momentum forward  without compromising cloud security. Gain insights and control over the proliferation of identities and privileges inherent to cloud services.

Accelerated Cloud App Development

Enable developers to build efficiently by automating cloud access, eliminating burdensome credential request workflows and system admin bottlenecks.

Simplified Security Tooling

Integrate the Britive platform easily into existing systems with automation tooling that simplifies and supercharges development by overcoming the complexity of traditional identity security solutions.

Cost-Effective Operations and Administration

Eliminate the need for expensive products with obsolete on-prem functions and labor-intensive systems that rely on manual administrative tasks.

Compliance-Ready Guardrails

Quickly gain relevant insights into human and machine privileges, generate necessary reports, and monitor access behavior across all cloud platforms.

Speedy Integration with Immediate Impact

Experience rapid time-to-value by integrating Britive’s API-driven platform into existing systems with ease and deploying a modern cross-cloud JIT access solution in minutes.

A Cloud Native Solution that Integrates with All Major IaaS, PaaS, SaaS & DaaS Platforms

Conventional privileging and permissioning solutions typically require dedicated IT security expertise to deploy and manage. For many, configuring these tools for multi-cloud environments is simply not workable.

Britive solves these challenges in a flexible cloud package that easily scales with your DevOps pipeline and business growth — enabling you to dramatically reduce both the time and level of expertise needed to securely manage your data, apps and resources in the cloud.

Managing Access Across Your Multi-Cloud Environments

Download this guide to learn how cloud identity security management platforms are designed to support JIT access privileges in multi-cloud environments.

  • Uncover and mitigate security flaws 
  • Minimize attack surface sprawl 
  • Manage and eliminate privilege drift 
  • Centralize control over all cloud privileges and secrets

Modernize Access Management to Cloud Resources with JIT for All Identities

Streamline and secure multi-cloud access to eliminate standing privileges, stay audit-ready, and optimize DevOps workflows. Get in touch today to see Britive in action.