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Cloud PAM

Privileged Access Management Designed for the Cloud

Discover the first dynamic cloud privileged access management (CPAM) platform designed to meet the needs of security, cloud operations, and development teams. 

Existing PAM Solutions Don’t Reach Cloud Heights

Legacy PAM and identity governance solutions are struggling with the dynamic, distributed nature of cloud environments. Designed to build one problem while pivoting to meet cloud demands leave behind large gaps and inefficiencies.

Cloud environments are dynamic and complex, with the demands of thousands of microservices and applications breaking traditional on-prem PAM tools and processes

Cloud infrastructure is often highly distributed and needs to adapt quickly to meet different needs and priorities for cross-functional teams.

Identities are created and changed as rapidly as the environment, leading to privilege sprawl and risky standing access.

Modern Cloud Environments Need Modern Solutions

Born and built for the cloud, Britive’s platform seamlessly enables the agility and flexibility organizations want from the cloud with the fine-grained controls needed to keep sensitive systems and data secure.

Purpose-Built for the Cloud

Unlike legacy solutions, Britive is designed specifically to meet cloud challenges, allowing for optimal integration and granular control. 

Dynamic, Streamlined Access Control

Separate authentication from authorization to grant and revoke permissions without having to create multiple logins for each user.

Unified Multi-Cloud Management

Unify fragmented cloud access policies, processes, and controls in a single platform to reduce friction and the administrative burden.

Managing Access Across Your Multi-Cloud Environments

Download this guide to learn how cloud identity security management platforms are designed to support JIT access privileges in multi-cloud environments.

  • Uncover and mitigate security flaws 
  • Minimize attack surface sprawl 
  • Manage and eliminate privilege drift 
  • Centralize control over all cloud privileges and secrets

Discover Britive’s CPAM in Action

Embrace cloud security that moves as fast as your cloud environment does. Request a demo with a member of our team to see how Britive’s cloud PAM platform delivers security without the slowdown.