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Cloud PAM Anywhere

PAM for Hybrid and On-Prem Environments

Extending the Power of Cloud Privileged Access Management (CPAM) to Private Resources

Access Management Varies in Every Environment

The friction around access management, especially with the advent of the cloud and the complexities of operating across hybrid environments, comes from the lack of uniformity in the process. Every environment comes with different demands for how and where identities are managed, as well as the policies and processes around requesting and receiving access. 

Meet Modern Cloud Demands While Securing Legacy Systems

Britive extends the power of the first dynamic Cloud Privileged Access Management (CPAM) solution to non-public cloud resources. With Britive’s new capabilities, you can now provide Just-In-Time (JIT), ephemeral access to servers, databases, internal applications, and more, whether they reside on-premises, in private networks, or in VPCs. 

Now you can unify, simplify, and secure privileged access management across all your organization’s resources—anywhere. 

Unified Dynamic JIT Access Management 

  • Implement Britive’s patented dynamic, ephemeral JIT access for resources that are not publicly accessible, such as those within private cloud environments or on-prem network. 

Universal Resource Access Management

  • Britive is the only platform needed to manage privileged access for both human and non-human identities across public cloud, private or hybrid cloud, and on-premises resources.

Support Cloud Migration Efforts

  • Support and secure valuable infrastructure and applications residing in datacenters waiting for migration to, or rebuilding in, a cloud environment (public, private, or both) with our cloud PAM capabilities.

Customizable Access Control

  • Our unrivaled integration capabilities allow for the ultimate flexibility in access management. Britive fits into the complexities and requirements of any environment and any set of policies.

Expanding Cloud PAM Anywhere

Adaptable JIT Implementation

Our policy-driven approach to privileged management gives users the ultimate flexibility while providing centralized visibility and control. Users have the ability to configure JIT permissions how and when they need it.

Comprehensive, Unified Access Management

Unify access to virtually any resource type, regardless of where it’s located. Integrate with cloud services (SaaS, DaaS, PaaS, IaaS, etc.), cloud infrastructure (Kubernetes, etc.), servers (physical, VMs, etc.) databases, applications, and more. 

Improve Security in Any Network

Eliminate standing and overprivileged permissions with the same ephemeral access technology that Britive pioneered for public cloud services. Achieve least privileged access and zero standing permissions to reduce risk in private environments. 

Rapid Deployment, Adaptable Security

Britive is designed to work in most environments without new firewall rules or exceptions, opening ports, or configuring proxies. We work within existing security requirements for rapid deployment. 

Extend Dynamic, Ephemeral Access Anywhere

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