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The Britive Effect

Britive delivers fast value for DevSecOps teams.

Step up to DevSecOps

Britive’s Dynamic Permissioning Platform meets the security and performance needs of DevOps, security, and cloud infrastructure management teams, facilitating the migration to unified DevSecOps processes.



DevOps is tasked with delivering applications frequently and rapidly to support business growth. It requires user-friendly tools with predictable performance.
Britive’s single platform for managing access permissions – for people and machines – significantly increases DevOps velocity while closing security gaps to meet the organization’s DevSecOps needs.

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Cloud Infrastructure Management

Cloud Infrastructure teams are masters of multi-tasking, balancing performance and availability with operating costs.
Any solution for managing access privileges must easily interoperate with existing infrastructure and supporting tools. Britive is API first, sidestepping downtime to deliver great results.

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Security is constantly fine tuning the balance between reducing risk and disrupting business operations.
The Britive Dynamic Permissioning Platform is the ultimate weapon in achieving InfoSec policy compliance and complete protection from access related threats, without the heavy lifting and cost of more traditional IAM and PAM tools.

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Streamline & secure cloud access management

Minimize your attack surface, cut overhead, streamline compliance audits, and boost productivity. Get in touch today to see Britive in action.