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Securing Kubernetes Cluster Access

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The Challenges

As the orchestration of containerized application management becomes increasingly necessary in cloud-native and hybrid environments, solutions like Kubernetes (K8s) are staples in managing application development. 

Securing access to these clusters is critical. But when clusters can be created and taken down quickly, the speed (or lack thereof) in provisioning the right types of access leads to several challenges: 

  • Access typically exists as static, hardcoded OIDC tokens with bundled authentication and authorization information for the cluster. These tokens are at risk of exploitation for unauthorized access and permissions in their corresponding clusters. 
  • End-users can share static tokens to circumvent slow access request and provisioning processes, leading to over-provisioned users and lack of visibility into who has access to what. 
  • Legacy IdPs and PAM solutions that create OIDC for cluster access and authorization often provide end-users with access to all the groups and role bindings that their ID has authorization for. 

True Role-Based Access to Kubernetes Clusters

Automating and securing access to Kubernetes clusters requires a more dynamic approach to OIDC token creation. Britive’s short-lived, appropriately scoped just-in-time (JIT) access is the key to securing access across the cloud, including across K8s clusters. 


Unified K8s Cluster Management  

  • Whether your organization uses EKS, GKE, or another flavor of Kubernetes, Britive works with them to simplify access management through a single platform. 

Scalable Cluster Access Configuration 

  • Eliminate the manual access configuration process for each new cluster. Configure access profiles and permissions through Britive’s platform and choose which clusters to assign them to. 

On-Demand Access to Clusters 

  • Increase developer velocity and reduce the time spent waiting for access to systems and resources using manual workflows across multiple tools. 

Secure Cluster Access Processes 

  • Improve security posture with ephemeral JIT access to chosen Kubernetes clusters. Britive profiles are mapped to specific groups and role bindings, so end-users only have the access they need for their task, rather than all the access assigned to them. 

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