New Platform Feature: Policy-Driven Workflow Approvals

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Policy-Driven Workflow Approvals As part of our continued effort to bridge the gap between privileged access management and business objectives in the cloud, we are excited to announce this important new feature of Britive’s Dynamic Permissionsing Platform. Here’s how it works: Leverage Just-In-Time (JIT) permissioning capabilities to approve or reject privilege access requests by users … Read more

Using Dynamic Cloud Secrets to Achieve a Zero Trust Model

Cloud Secrets The following article originally appeared in Dark Reading. If every application, device, and bot need access and authentication at some point, the need for managing and controlling the confidential data that allows those functions gets staggeringly large. In today’s digital businesses, we rely on commercially procured or internally developed applications. Because of the … Read more

Improve Visibility with Dynamic Privileged Access Governance

Cross-Cloud Visibility As businesses have replaced on-premise software and infrastructure with cloud applications and infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), identity and access management has become more and more difficult for companies to control. While implementing Single Sign-On (SSO), Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and identity provisioning are good first steps to strengthen and secure the authentication process at cloud services, … Read more

Art Poghosyan, CEO & Co-Founder of Britive, on How the Pandemic Accelerated Cloud Adoption

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This article originally appeared in Cyber News.  Cyber threats are only improving and it’s only getting harder to prevent them, especially when the attack surface has broadened drastically after the switch to remote work. With various threats lurking in the corners of the Internet, it is virtually impossible to prevent them from infecting devices without … Read more