LOS ANGELESMarch 24, 2021 —  Britive, leading provider of cloud-native, dynamic access management solutions, today announced the formal launch of its partner program with IAM (Identity and Access Management) market leader Optiv Security.

Launching with five technology partners, six major SIs (Systems Integrators) and resellers, and four cloud marketplaces, the Britive program empowers its partners to defensibly and quickly establish themselves as cloud security experts for their customers — by dramatically reducing the time required and the level of expertise expected in managing access to sprawling cloud service providers.

“Our Dynamic Permissioning Platform takes the complexity and time out of securing identities and permissions for cloud-forward organizations,” said Art Poghosyan, CEO and co-founder of Britive. “This enables our partners, including Optiv, to easily and quickly engage in unique services offerings, solving immediate customer problems such as the need to automatically grant Just-In-Time permissions, auto-expire permissions, enforce least privilege access, right-size broad permissions and more. This empowers our partners to minimize the potential financial and reputational impact to their customers from account takeovers and data leakage that can result from a large privilege attack surface.”

Additionally, Britive gives partners the opportunity to take their customers through the journey of discovering the scope and scale of their multi-cloud environments, including IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, and DaaS services. The platform also helps partners quickly catalog accounts, permissions, and groups, associating risk to those objects, and further working towards a zero trust risk posture.

Other key benefits of partnering with Britive include

  • Recurring annual revenue from subscription-based pricing model
  • Easy POC/deployment due to API-only architecture (15 minute deployment, no need for agents)
  • Broadest industry offering, covering 13+ cloud services across IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, and DaaS
  • Extensive product and sales training support for partner sales teams
  • Ongoing customer success program designed to maximize renewals

Under the terms of its most recent partnership, Optiv Security will incorporate Britive’s progressive technology for managing privileged access with zero trust into its cybersecurity advisory and delivery services — for enterprises across North America.

“Given the recent surge in high profile breaches — most that resulted from malicious actors seizing control of a privileged account — cyber security is rapidly becoming an urgent priority for our customers,” says Andy Walker, Identity & Access Management Leader, Cyber Protection & Identity at Optiv Inc.

Walker continues, “Britive’s Dynamic Permissioning platform has revolutionized the way we control cloud application access for both human- and non-human users. By granting them minimal account privileges, and only when they are actively using the service, organizations can truly minimize their privilege attack surface – something that other IAM solutions cannot do. This is an incredibly powerful addition to Optiv’s cybersecurity solutions.”

Poghosyan adds, “With the Britive Platform we’re addressing a critical need: the means to analyze and protect today’s highly-complex cloud infrastructures from data loss and account takeovers due to privilege misconfigurations, overly broad permissions, and abuse of privileged credentials. It requires a departure from the old way of managing access — fraught with static privileges, leaked credentials and back doors that leave sensitive data exposed — in favor of Just-In-Time provisioning, intelligent privilege right sizing, and centralized control. With years of experience supporting thousands of enterprise clients, who better than Optiv to drive a brand new paradigm in IAM?”

About Britive

Britive (www2.britive.com) is a cloud-native security solution built for the most demanding cloud-forward enterprises. The Britive platform empowers teams across cloud infrastructure, DevOps, and security functions with dynamic and intelligent privileged access administration solutions for multi-cloud environments. Using deep API integrations, our patent-pending technology orchestrates permissioning for the modern enterprise cloud infrastructure and applications.

The Britive platform helps organizations implement cloud security best practices like Just In Time (JIT) privileged access and zero standing privileges (ZSP) to prevent security breaches and operational disruptions, while increasing efficiency and user productivity. Customers include medium to large businesses and Fortune 500 enterprises across healthcare, automotive, retail, media & entertainment, and other industries.

Britive was founded by security industry veterans with a track record as successful entrepreneurs and innovators.

Optiv Security: Secure your security.™

Optiv is a security solutions integrator – “one-stop” trusted partner with a singular focus on cybersecurity. Our end-to-end cybersecurity capabilities span risk management and transformation, cyber digital transformation, threat management, cyber operations, identity and data management, and integration and innovation, helping organizations realize stronger, simpler and more cost-efficient cybersecurity programs that support business requirements and outcomes. At Optiv, we are modernizing cybersecurity to enable clients to innovate their consumption models, integrate infrastructure and technology to maximize value, achieve measurable outcomes, and realize complete solutions and business alignment. For more information about Optiv, please visit us at www.optiv.com.