GCP Is Fast – But It Poses Security Risks to Cloud-Forward Organizations

Developers love Google Cloud Platform because they can deliver software fast –– and meet their deadlines. Organizations love it because it helps drive growth and revenue. Given its wide attack surface, GCP permissions, identity, and privilege access expose a significant risk.

In GCP, all identities –– human or synthetic –– require privileged entitlements or secrets. Adhering to the principle of least privilege access, Google recommends that all users should be granted just enough access to complete everyday tasks and nothing more. Administrators are responsible for assigning access to various users and groups by defining functional roles. In best practice, an organization’s security policies dictate the level of access to each of these roles.

However, all too often this can result in administrators and users with elevated standing privileges. Standing privileges represent a major threat to an organization; attackers recognize these opportunities and target them aggressively. When companies scale with GCP and rely on additional administrators, users, and groups to satisfy key business drivers, their security risks are catapulted to higher levels as their attack surfaces expand. 

Britive Offer Automated GCP Permissions at the Speed of DevOps

Britive acts as the intermediary that ties identities to entitlements, then permits access on a just-in-time, ephemeral basis. Our privilege authorization capability offers an efficient and proven way to minimize the impact of a GCP permissions-related breach without affecting user experience and productivity.

If you love the speed of Google Cloud Platform but need better security, Britive is your solution. Our 100% cloud-native solution accelerates app development and delivers value immediately because deployment takes only minutes. built for the speed and agility of the cloud, which creates inefficiencies and bottlenecks. Streamline access requests, approvals, and self-service through automation on a fully API-driven platform that is easy to deploy. Integrate seamlessly into existing tools, maximizing ROI with a cross-cloud platform that scales with your organization. 

To learn more about how Britive’s dynamic access solutions for your GCP-built organization, click here.