With identity and access security hitting the headlines with increasing frequency, eWeek’s Chris Preimberger interviewed Britive CEO Art Poghosyan to discuss what dynamic permissioning platform technology brings to the table for cloud security conscious enterprises.

Observability versus control

Art defined Britive as a cloud native solution providing enterprise security through identity management and access permissions for users of cloud platforms like Amazon, Azure, Google and Salesforce. 

Since lack of visibility is a major issue within these environments and a primary factor in security breaches going undetected, Chris wanted to know why Britive is not playing in the observability space. 

“Observability is certainly an element,” explained Art. “You can’t control what you can’t see.” He elaborated that the ability to discover identities and their permissions across multi-cloud environments is a key function of Britive. However, an even bigger value lies in its ability to manage and control that access. A typical large organization might have two core public cloud systems and as many as 50 or 60 PaaS services. Centralizing and automating the control of human identities and machine IDs (APIs, robotic processes etc) is the only way of achieving security in a multi cloud scenario.

Where does Britive Sit in the Stack?

“Are you an edge security solution?” Chris wanted to know. To which Art replied that since our platform operates outside of the datacenter the devil is in the detail, however “Britive sits in the application logic, higher up in the stack.”

He outlined a typical DevOps use case as an example:

“DevOps needs access into platforms like AWS. The only way to have that at what we now call ‘cloud speed’ is through automation. Britive uses pre-authorizations as a means to assign dynamic, Just In time (JIT) permissions on request. But we don’t just grant privileged access permissions. We also make sure they expire at the end of the session, which reduces the attack surface when users are not actually using.”

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Find out more about our dynamic permissioning platform for privileged access management on the Britive website.