In today’s fast-paced business landscape, organizations are increasingly adopting cloud-based Identity Provider (IDP) solutions and directories such as Okta and Azure AD: these platforms have evolved into the primary sources of truth for authentication and access to enterprise applications. As the trailblazer of secure Just-In-Time (JIT) access to cloud infrastructure, apps, and data, Britive bridges the gap between authentication and authorization for rapid access to cloud-based resources critical to any business. 

Britive’s seamless integration with both Azure and Okta simplifies how companies manage user access, enabling Just-In-Time (JIT) temporary access to various applications. By incorporating Britive controls and governance into Okta and Azure group memberships, companies can bolster their security postures significantly while providing users the agility they need to perform their roles effectively. 

How does Britive’s JIT Access work? 

Britive’s authorization method allows for granular and flexible access to cloud app, data and infrastructure via profiles with associated permissions and policies: 

  • A Britive profile defines the permissions a user has and enables them to temporarily access an application. 
  • When a Britive profile is checked out the platform dynamically adds the user to the relevant Okta or Azure group that grants access to the targeted application or endows elevated permissions within the application, such as administrative privileges. 
  • The user can check-in the Britive profiles manually or profiles are checked-in automatically after the expiration time defined in the profile. 

Essential control with an additional identity security layer 

Britive’s JIT temporary access serves as a critical security layer, reducing the risk of unauthorized access while ensuring that users can perform their duties efficiently. This approach aligns perfectly with the zero-trust security model, granting access only when needed and removing it once the task is complete. 

Britive profiles can be enhanced with an optional workflow approval, adding an additional security measure for certain access requests. This feature ensures that any access requiring heightened scrutiny or managerial authorization goes through an appropriate vetting process, safeguarding sensitive data and maintaining compliance. 

A Practical Example: Integrating Okta and Britive for JIT access to Torq  

To better understand the real-world application of Britive’s JIT temporary access, the following video walks through an example with one of our partners, Torq, a cloud-based security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) platform:

The demonstration shows how a user initially lacks standing access to the Torq application, preventing them from logging in. However, the same user can easily navigate to Britive and “check out” the “Torq Viewer” profile. By doing so, Britive automatically adds the user to the relevant Okta group, granting them authentication and access rights, albeit with restricted permissions. 

Noticeably, the user is unable to make any updates in this “Viewer” role, demonstrating the effective control Britive maintains over access privileges. 

When the user requires greater access for workflow updates within Torq, they return to Britive to request access to the “Torq Admin” role. The process initiates an approval workflow, requiring managerial consent before progressing. Once approved, the user is added to the corresponding Okta group, receiving the “Torq Admin” role and all relevant permissions. 

Minimize unauthorized access with JIT temporary access 

With Britive’s JIT temporary access, companies can rapidly strengthen their security posture across any application where an identity provider like Okta or Azure AD manages user authentication.  

The dynamic and instantaneous provisioning and deprovisioning of access based on security requirements minimizes the risk of unauthorized access, significantly reducing the likelihood of a security breach caused by an attacker leveraging an account with standing elevated privileges. 

Conclusion: fortify your security posture while enhancing user productivity  

Britive’s integration with cloud-based IDP platforms like Azure AD and Okta is redefining how companies approach ephemeral access to cloud resources including applications like Torq. By providing JIT temporary access to enterprise applications, Britive enhances security while empowering users to perform their duties efficiently. With the ability to add workflow approvals for additional scrutiny, JIT access ensures the right balance between security and agility.  

Learn how Britive can simplify your access workflows while safeguarding your organization from identity-based security incidents: request a demo today