John Morton, Britive Director of Systems Engineering

One of the most frequent questions prospective Britive customers ask is, “How can adding privileged access management (PAM) functionality into our DevOps automation processes and strategy enhance our security in the cloud, without disrupting product delivery or requiring extensive management overhead?” This short product demo video answers this question in detail.

Specifically, prospective Britive customers are interested in their CI/CD pipeline and deployment of resources via Terraform to AWS. They want to be able to easily add secure, least privilege human user account access via role-assumption between Britive and newly created AWS resources – preferably in an automated fashion.

This is a legitimate concern, given that DevOps teams are typically laser focused on applying their limited resources to product development, not security. And if they have any experience with traditional PAM solutions on-prem, they know how they can be complicated to manage – and are rightfully apprehensive.

Fortunately, the Britive Dynamic Permissioning Platform is an automated cloud-built solution, that is able to minimize the DevOps attack surface with minimal additional cost and management overhead.