Dr. Chase Cunningham, John Morton, & Ian Cumming

Organizations using multi-cloud environments recognize the need for Just-In-Time, Least Privilege, and Zero Standing Privileges. But achieving such a posture through an in-house solution is time-consuming, complex, and nearly impossible to enforce.

Without a unified access model to manage hundreds of human and non-human identities cross-cloud, leaders have few options. As a result, users are granted elevated privileges they don’t need, which increases risk and expands your attack surface.

Join Britive and Focal Point for this informative 1 hour webcast and see for yourself how Britive’s out of the box platform automatically grants and revokes privileges on the fly, thereby enforcing zero standing privileges and securing your multi-cloud environment.

What you’ll get:

  • A deep-dive into the challenges organizations face managing privileged access in multi-cloud environments
  • Cautionary case studies from customers that attempted to build JIT, LPA, and ZSP in-house
  • How to elevate standing privilege discovery capabilities in the cloud
  • How to enforce JIT leveraging native APIs
  • How built-in analytics and reporting cross-cloud delivers unsurpassed visibility
  • How to effectively build ZSP into your CI/CD process
  • A live demo that shows how Britive’s platform resolves core security and user management challenges