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Cloud Privileges Assessment

Britive Cloud Privileges Assessment

See who has access to what across your cloud environment.

The Britive cloud security assessment delivers actionable insights fast.

Benefit from the cloud security expertise, insights, and recommendations of the Britive team with a free Cloud Privileges Assessment.

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  • Fast Results

    Gain a better understanding of your holistic cloud environment in a matter of hours.

  • Access & Reporting

    The assessment includes access & reporting for 30 days.

  • Exportable Data

    You can download and export the reports you run so you can start making better business and security decisions immediately.

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Visibility is the first step toward preventing malicious actors from accessing private resources within your organization, exfiltrating data, and disrupting operations.

Get identity permission & entitlement reporting

Britive provides detailed IAM insights and reporting across major cloud services (IaaS, SaaS, DaaS, etc.) including accounts and groups with high-risk and statically assigned permissions, policies, and roles.

Britive also includes pre-built and exportable audit and compliance reports that provide a digestible snapshot of your environment so you can make smart business decisions.

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Understand policy drift

Easily identify, report and be alerted on configuration and security policy changes across your cloud services.

  • Role and Policy permission changes
  • Group membership changes
  • Account permission updates, new accounts, deleted accounts, etc.
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Built-in audit and compliance reports

Quickly report on high-risk permissions, accounts, groups, etc, across all cloud services in a single exportable format. You can also add filters to fine-tune and customize reporting.

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The power of JIT access

Britive provides Just-In-Time (JIT) ephemeral access to cloud services, permissions, and resources to remediate high-risk standing privileges and provide a modern, cloud-native approach to PAM.

This Includes workflow approvals and governance for JIT access and privilege elevation.

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Eliminate the silos and barriers between security and business. Increase your security context and decrease potential service and performance impacts to your business.