Britive DevSec Cloudcast - Britive

Britive DevSec Cloudcast

Britive’s tech experts are giving a behind-the-scenes look into our cloud-native platform for automating multi-cloud privilege identity management across data, infrastructure, and applications.

Britive’s tech team is hosting an open forum on how organizations put our dynamic privilege identity management solution to work.

This is your chance to ask questions and see how Britive’s dynamic access solution is working in real use cases.

Learn Real-Life Britive Use Cases

Deep-Dive into the Power of JIT

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Britive DevSec Cloudcast: Dive Deep into Multi-Cloud Access Management

View our on-demand Britive DevSec Cloudcast to get insights and demonstrations from the Britive development team on multi-cloud access management with just-in-time permissioning. Learn how organizations are using Britive’s cloud security solutions to adopt a zero-trust posture that minimizes attack surface without impeding development.