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DevOps Disruption Meter Results – You’re Wasting Resources

DevOps Disruption Meter Results

Take cloud security off your team’s hands.

Your team is finding workarounds, but the cumbersome extra steps are slowing you down.

Results: You’re Expending Resources on Costly Security Workarounds


After analyzing the results of the DevOps Quiz, it is clear to us that your organization is spending valuable resources on cross-cloud privileged access workarounds. Right now your team is wasting time and money on inefficient security checkpoints – it’s time for a better system.

Many organizations find that building and maintaining native cloud privilege access tools is a cost-prohibitive endeavor. Not only is it expensive to develop and maintain these tools, but it’s also difficult to scale them across multiple cloud environments. Organizations like yours would benefit from implementing a ready-made privilege access solution for dynamic permissioning and secrets governance.

Time is money, save both with a JIT access tool. 

By using a single solution to manage privilege access across multiple cloud platforms, development teams can avoid the time and expense of trying to reinvent the wheel in-house. And by leaving privileged access management to a solution tailor-made to facilitate multi-cloud JIT permissioning, organizations can redirect valuable resources to app development and other core business objectives. In other words, using a cross-cloud JIT solution can help save organizations time and money – two things that are always in short supply.

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