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Sept. 30th, 2021: The 2021 Cybersecurity Breakthrough Awards have named Britive the winner of the Cloud Security Startup of the Year award. The CyberSecurity Breakthrough Awards recognize excellence and the innovation, hard work and success in a range of information security categories including Cloud Security, Threat Detection, Risk Management, Fraud Prevention, Mobile Security, Email Security, and more. This year’s program attracted thousands of nominations from across the globe.

The Britive team is honored to be recognized alongside some of the most innovative companies in the industry. Since its founding, Britive has championed innovation, collaboration, and customer focus.

Modern Multi-cloud Privilege Management Platform

Unlike competing IAM/CIEM and PAM technologies, the Britive Multi-cloud Privilege Management Platform addresses a key cloud access security gap – the elevated exposure and risk associated with maintaining standing cloud access privileges and over-privileged cloud accounts – through the application of a unified access model across IaaS, SaaS, PaaS, and DaaS services. These gaps, left unchecked, can leave organizations at increased vulnerability of ransomware and other attacks resulting from exposed account credentials.

The cloud-native, 100% API based Britive platform (no agents, gateways, or proxies) provides temporary Just-in-Time (JIT) privilege grants – the on-demand granting of elevated privileges for human and non-human users that are automatically revoked after a set period of time – which enables companies to minimize their attack surface through maintaining a state of Zero Standing Privileges (ZSP).

In addition, organizations can ensure that employees and contractors are granted the right level of privileges when onboarded, constantly right size those privileges over time, enforce access policies, and fully offboard users when they leave the organization – enabling IT teams to maintain Least Privilege Access (LPA) throughout the cloud identity lifecycle, and minimize the potential blast radius of internal threat actors.

Finally, Britive integrates seamlessly with CI/CD automation software such as Jenkins and Terraform, empowering cloud application development teams to add access security to their development pipeline without introducing management complexity or creating a security speedbump – a common challenge for traditional IAM and PAM solutions, and a key impediment to building effective DevSecOps processes.

Company Backgrounder and Products/Services

Britive, founded in 2018, is a Series A startup with $15M in funding from Crosslink Capital, Upfront Ventures, and angel investors. Britive has built a customer base that includes Fortune 100 tech, manufacturing, and automotive customers, and a solid technology and reseller partner ecosystem, including Optiv, AWS, Ping Identity and Snowflake.

The Britive Multi-cloud Privilege Management Platform is a cloud-native, 100% API based, security solution built for the most demanding cloud-forward enterprises. The Britive platform empowers teams across cloud infrastructure, DevOps, and security functions with dynamic and intelligent privileged access administration solutions for multi-cloud environments.

The Britive platform helps organizations implement cloud security best practices like just-in-time (JIT) access and zero standing privileges (ZSP) to prevent security breaches and operational disruptions, while increasing efficiency and user productivity.

Watch a Demo

Britive recently led a webcast cohosted by Focal Point that details the challenges organizations face when attempting to develop a homegrown PAM solution.

Hosts: Dr. Chase Cunningham, John Morton, and Ian Cumming

Overview: Organizations using multi-cloud environments recognize the need for Just-In-Time, Least Privilege, and Zero Standing Privileges. But achieving such a posture through an in-house solution is time-consuming, complex, and nearly impossible to enforce.

Without a unified access model to manage hundreds of human and non-human identities cross-cloud, leaders have few options. As a result, users are granted elevated privileges they don’t need, which increases risk and expands your attack surface.

Join Britive and Focal Point for this informative 1 hour webcast and see for yourself how Britive’s out of the box platform automatically grants and revokes privileges on the fly, thereby enforcing zero standing privileges and securing your multi-cloud environment.

What you’ll get:

• A deep-dive into the challenges organizations face managing privileged access in multi-cloud environments
• Cautionary case studies from customers that attempted to build JIT, LPA, and ZSP in-house
• How to elevate standing privilege discovery capabilities in the cloud
• How to enforce JIT leveraging native APIs
• How built-in analytics and reporting cross-cloud delivers unsurpassed visibility
• How to effectively build ZSP into your CI/CD process
• A live demo that shows how Britive’s platform resolves core security and user management challenges

Watch the demo here.

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