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Dynamic Permissioning Platform For Azure


Azure Privilege Security Is Complex

  • Security and administration are not handled by IT or Security
  • Missing complete visibility into who has what level of access and how it’s being used
  • Static privilege levels expose Azure environments to higher risk of security breaches
  • Existing privileged access products are unavailable to typical business users
  • Existing threat monitoring solutions fall short of providing necessary identity and policy context for user activities

Secure Azure With Cloud Privilege Access Governance

Dynamic Permissioning

  • Automated granting and expiration of Just In Time (JIT) permissions
  • Maintenance of Zero Standing Privileges (ZST)
  • Centralized and scalable management of human and machine ID’s

Least Privilege Enforcement

  • Privilege right sizing
  • Discover and elimination of excess privileges
  • Reduction of attack surface

Secrets Governance

  • Automated granting of dynamic secrets for human and human and machine processes

Cross-Cloud Discovery

  • Single pane of glass cross cloud (x-cloud)
  • Automated discovery and auditing of accounts and privileges
  • Reporting from a unified x-cloud access model

Proactive Monitoring

  • Analysis of access changes and policy drift
  • Identification of risky behavior
  • Post incident investigation of identity-based incidents

Increase opportunities—not security risks.

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